4″ Inline Exhaust Fan

Price: US $8.4 – US $9.4



  • High impact polycarbonate blade
  • Come with cable and plug
  • Powerful and efficient performance, Lightweight and practical.
  • Perfect for ventilation of Grow Room or air cooling of grow light reflector.
  • Noiseless and power saving.
  • Metal housing



Voltage/Frequency AC 110V ~ 240V (global)
Power 18W
Current 0.12amps
Speed 2700RPM
Air Flow 119m3/h
Noise 30dB
Affective Area 2~8m2
Protection Class IP44
Insulation Class F
Operating temperature range 20¡æ-70¡æ(-4¨H-158¨H)
Static Pressure (mm-H2O) 6.80
Bearing Ball or sleeve
Housing metal


  • The axial inline fan is galvanized aluminium alloy housing to resist atmospheric corrosion from humidity. Motor features a permanently lubricated ball bearing that operates quietly and requires no maintenance.
  • Good exhaust property and low electric power consumption, eco-friendly and more convenient; Quickly and efficiently move vast amount of air.
  • Making fresh air to rooms in a quick and reasonably quiet way, circulate fresh air, control humidity, excess heat, smell and air quality in grow area.
  • Durable, build-in copper motor with thermal protection, can work continuously without maintenance. Operating temperature range:-20¡æ-70¡æ(-4¨H-158¨H)
  • Easy installation, suit for grow tents, green rooms, hydroponics, basements, attics, hospital rooms, commercial cooling and industrial applications.


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