EzerFarm Technology

Help eradicate hunger in the world

As a reliable product supplier of hydroponic, farm and horticulture equipment, EzerFarm Technology helped lots of business all over the world.

Being a trustable supplier and agent, we clearly understand Product Technology, Marketing, Product Selection, Quality Control and Delivery are our most important mission. Supplier is not only means packing and delivery. We know what you concern when you choosing and buying. We carry most advanced and profitable equipment to you, make your business running much easier than before. Based on our professional product knowledge and strictly quality control activity, more and more clients get real benefit from us.

Go with us, you would not only get a supplier. Our founders worked in USA, Europe and Australia for more than 15 years in hydroponics industrial, we are very experienced on purchasing & supply chain. EzerFarm knows what do you concern and what’s your risk. Cause our staff were buyers as local distributors before.

Our products are designed to make working together easier and conform to your local safety certificate. We also do marketing research to find profitable and advanced product for our distributors, improve their products to keep them most competitive and more profitable on market.

Why Us – What We Do

      1. Production;
      2. Supply chain consultant;
      3. Factory inspection;
      4. Product sample report;
      5. Product market trail;
      6. Customize product, include specification and guide writing;
      7. Arrange LCL stuffing (container load);
      8. Shipment management (include paperwork)
      9. Onsite inspection before container loading;
      10. Product marketing research;
      11. Product standard management;
      12. Hot product recommendation;
      13. Product sale & export;

Why Us

Global Supply Chain Experience

Experience of importer, distributor, purchaser


We know business reputation is more important than profit.

Production QC

Inspect product as end user


Knowledge of full range hydroponic product


Improve and research product, stay in front of market

Effective Communication

Staff has experience of retailer, importer and distributor in USA, Europe and Oceania.

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