Seeds Microgreen Sprout Tray

Price: US $0.6 – US $1.35



* The Hydroponic System utilizes a controlled environment combined with reliable, efficient methods of growing that use less labour and water.

* Microgreen trays are sold as 3-level or 4-level racks with the drain and feed plumbing.

* Many growers are adding the Microgreens rack to their greenhouse by tying into their NFT system.

* Suitable for both manual and automatic planting

* Suitable for propagating vegetables, flowers, wheat, cereal, etc. from seed in greenhouses or indoors

* Also used as a garnish and are tender, delicate and full of flavour.



Material:  HDPE
Color: Green+White
Size:  app. 24.5 * 32.5 * 4.5cm (9.64×12.59in)


Soak the seeds for preparation 4-6 hours
Then evenly & cover with wash and drain wet tissue to moisturize seeds grow out to 3-4 cm.
And remove wet paper but it will all grow out.
Still keeps the seed moist and can be harvest after 10 days.

Tray lid and tray rack are available.

how to sprout seed
how to sprout seeds
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