Solid Heavy Duty Flat PP Rice Seedling Tray

Price: US $0.8 – US $1.8/each



1. Stackable rice seedling tray;

2. Vertical and horizontal arrangement of dimple design, the chassis is water moisturizing effect, is conducive to the growth of seedlings;

3. Long service time, can be used normally 6–8 years;

4. Cardigan corners and side bars gluten, making it more resistant to shock and beat;



Tray size 1 : 600 * 300 mm

Tray size 2 : 590 * 240mm

Height: 35mm

Material: PP or PVC



Growing media tapers in shape from top to bottom. This unique feature aids in directing root growth downward for rapid development, resulting in greater crop turnover and overall productivity for the grower. Each cell is cingulated, thus no tangling of the fibrous root systems. Product comes preloaded with media in the tray and is immediately ready to use upon receipt.

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