2020 New Full Spectrum T8 LED Plant Grow Light

Price 2ft/18W : US $7.5 – US $9.2

Price 3ft/27W : US $11 – US $13

Price 4ft/36W : US $13 – US $15



1) Optimized Spectrum for plants growing: The spectrum is optimized for the specific plants which makes the plants grow faster and produce much more yield.

2) More power, Higher PPF : The LED IP65 Fixture has more power and provides higher PPF for plant photosynthesis.

3) High Efficacy: The professional LEDs designed for plant growth, have higher efficiency and lower light decay during double end connector the lifetime.

4) Linkable: The fixtures can be connected easily through a double/single end connection.

5) Environment-friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.

6) Long service life: T8 tube grow light’s lifetime reach 25000 hours!


* Long life span of 50,000 working hours;

* 2 lines of LED, doubled led  than others;

* Length: 2ft / 3ft / 4ft

* Power: 18W / 27W / 36W

* Voltage: 120V – 265VAC

* Beam Angle: 120°

* IP Rating: IP64

* Reflector parts available.

Light Intensity:
2ft/18 watts (PPF: 70μmol/s)
Lumen Lux: 1720 LM
162 pcs LED

3ft/27 watts (PPF: 70μmol/s)
Lumen Lux: 2150 LM
216pcs LED

4ft/36 watts (PPF: 70μmol/s)
Lumen Lux: 2560 LM
288pcs LED

Available Spectrum:
3500K + 6000k + 660nm;
or customized spectrum


> Full Spectrum: all useful wavelengths are included, ideal for all stages of plant growth;

> 6063 aluminium design: good heat dissipation Advanced LED drivers for higher performance > Energy Saving over 40%; Replaces HPS, Metal Halide and Florescent grow lights; No Mercury environment friendly. make sure no any noise to disturb others;

> Suitable for big greenhouse moisture work environment;

> Vertical growing in greenhouse: Suitable for scale use in greenhouse vegs / flowers / fruits;

> Custom spectrum is acceptable / colour boxes are acceptable with re-branded logo.

> 2ft, 3ft, 4ft different size for options.

> Could be linkable many quantity as one set, depends on your choice.


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Horticulture lighting
Hydroponic cultivation
Indoor planting growth
Farming plants research

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