Active Carbon Filter

Price: start from US $11.3, ask for others

( Price dependents on carbon kind, carbon bed thickness, filter body size, body materials )



Suitable for 4″/6″/8″/10″/12″ diameter duct connections

* Excellent design

* Simple and effective

* Highly effective at absorbing odors and airborne organisms with physical and chemical adsorption

* Easily replaceable carbon filters to maintain high efficiency

* Easy to install and operate 

* Run quietly



Available Flange : 4″/100mm to 12″/250mm

Body Height : 20cm to 125cm

Carbon : chopped carbon or columnar carbon

Carbon Bed : 30mm/38mm/50mm


Ezerfarm carbon filters are manufactured with a fine mesh for both outer and internal layer, which allows the air to flow easily into the filter through the mesh. It provides maximum odor removing capability as packed with high quality charcoal.

Designed to take in the dust air and give out fresh air, it can help eliminate airborne particles which could harm your plants such as mold, mildew spores. Meanwhile it can keep you away from the unpleasant environment.

When installing your carbon filter, make sure to hang it at the highest point in your grow room to ensure all the heat that rises is removed. Used in conjunction with a centrifugal inline fan, fresh air can be obtained even in an environment where organic fertilizers are used.

This filter is suitable for use in greenhouses, hospitals, lavatories, public buildings, food processing facilities, etc.

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