6″ AC/DE Air Cooled Reflector

Price: US$34 – US $40



  • Hood with hanged glass panel and locker
  • Equipped with safety cable for safe and easy maintenance
  • Constructed with heavy duty pre-galvanized steel
  • Completely sealed gasketed glass provides tight fit
  • Made from premium 95% reflective European aluminium
  • Suitable for DE HPS and MH lamps up to 1000w


  • Flange:6 inch/150mm
  • built-in socket Double Ended(K12 x 30S)
  • 15′ pre-wired lamp cord
  • Fixture Size: L610 x W340 x H180cm
  • With hinged glass panel and hinges


Use the fully assembled fixture with any mogul base metal halide or high pressure sodium lamp up to 1000 watts.


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