4ft Clone Propagation LED 18W or 25W

Price: US $15.6/ea

Double strip pack : US $30



  • 2*4ft Clone LED Strips included
  • Water resistant housing and connectors
  • Hanging clips and zip tie slot for easy installation
  • Bigger viewing angle with bigger coverage
  • Aluminium heatsink, PC cover with great heat dissipation and easy to clean



* Long life span of 54,000 working hours.

* Contains no dangerous chemicals or emissions.

* More durable than fluorescent lighting fixtures.

* Power: 18 watts /25 watts

* Voltage: 120V – 277V

* Beam Angle: 120°

Light Intensity:
18 watts: 2.1μmol/J, Total PPF:50μmol/s *2
25 watts: 2.4μmol/J, Total PPF:60μmol/s *2

Available Spectrum:
6500K(white) / 9000k(with 450nm Blue & 660nm red)


1. Integrate multiple high brightness 2835 LED sources to form linear combination;

2. It has high energy-saving efficiency and spectrum has significant effect on plant growth;

3. It is sealed by special process, solid and durable, green and environmental protection, long service life;

4. High quality transparent diffuser with high light output;

5. For different plants and different growth stages, a variety of spectra are available;

6. Fast response, no stroboscopic light and small glare, reaching the all-optical flux output immediately after lighting;

7. Solid light source, strong seismic resistance, convenient for transportation and installation, high safety;

8. Strong light direction, large beam angle, single-sided and double-sided light optional, easy to control the light, and effectively improve the efficiency of the lighting system.

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